Measuring ROI of team building activities # case 3


As the popular saying goes, ’If you can measure it, you can manage it’. Unfortunately, some exercises are more challenging to measure than others and many believe that Team building is a perfect example of this as it generally results in qualitative benefits. However, I have my own views on this and would like to share another interesting case in my series of blogs on measuring ROI of Team Building activities.

A new client in the Infrastructure Development industry approached us early last year to discuss the issue they were having with keeping employees beyond a year or two. We created Team Building events that would improve employee morale and focus on the root cause(s) of employee turnover in their organisation – namely, no sense of belonging, mundane work, fears and distractions. We conducted a Team Building event once every Quarter over the last one year, and the growing employee morale and team spirit has been palpable.

But how do we know our Team Building activities provided ROI? Fewer employees left the organisation over the span of last one year – voluntary attrition is now down from 14.2% to 6.8%. And there are always ways of figuring out the average cost of replacing an employee!

A well planned and executed Team Building program can provide you the much desired results and ROI you are looking for apart from just the fun element. So make sure you choose only the Team Building experts as your event partner.

Posted by Anuradha Prusty on 27th August 2017

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