Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.
~ Confucius.

We believe in Experiential Learning as being a powerful tool that enables individuals and teams to internalise the learnings more deeply than any other intervention ever can. As a result we have seen teams progress with higher morale and improved performance. Our business simulations and team building activities are designed around specific challenges your teams may be facing, so as to provide your employees the team building advantage. However, we ensure that these activities are fun and engaging such that the issue at hand is addressed sensitively. We focus on strong debrief sessions after every experiential learning activity, whether it be outdoors during your team outbound or indoors during your corporate conference, because we believe that fun is only a means and learning the end. Our solutions will help your team members explore and unleash their potential, many a times way beyond their own expectations.


 Your needs are our priority – We understand and focus on them

 You will enjoy working with us – We provide memorable experiences

 You are assured of desired results – We are committed to delivering results rather than claiming how good we are

What kind of Team building activities does YELOHAT provide?

Its easy to offer activities, however we don’t do that. We recommend ‘concepts’ that fit in as the best solution to your requirement. And then we build an activity around that concept which is purely customised to address your needs. Take a look at our Team building section for more.

What does YELOHAT specialise in?

We specialise in ‘Experiential learning’. Period. Which means whether its in the outdoor outbound format that includes team building activities or in the indoor workshop format that includes business simulations, we incorporate experiential learning focussed on takeaways through impactful debrief sessions.

Whether it be a 15-minute conference energiser or a multi-day program, we focus on providing memorable experiences. From team sizes of 5 to 500, we’ve done it all! We love engaging people, no matter how many. And yes! We have offerings that will suit your requirement and almost any budget. Because we deliver value worth every penny that you decide to invest in a program with us. So go ahead and plan your event.

More Questions?
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