Outdoor Team Building Activities

A – Team
Your teams will get high on this series of action-packed, unique sporty team challenges that are unconventional and great fun!
Key Benefits: Strategy, Competition, Problem Solving and Team Co-ordination

A Minute to Win it style Challenges
Teams get competitive when they are challenged in the ultimate test of mental and physical agility – A series of ‘One-minute’ challenges that get you going. And look out for a lot of laughs on the side!
Key Benefits: Working under Pressure, Competition and Team Co-ordination

Bike Building
Build your bike from scratch. Brand it to represent your team spirit. Race your own bicycles in a unique styled race never heard before. That’s not all – you’ll experience the joy of giving by donating these bikes to a charity.
Key Benefits: Resourcefulness, Role Allocation and CSR

Bull’s Eye
Work with unconventional tools to hit the bull’s eye every time. Sounds impossible? Well, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Key Benefits: Team Co-ordination, Strategy, Goal Orientation, Maintaining Focus and Leadership

Burma Bridge Building
Let your team overcome their fears, build self-confidence and strengthen trust in their team mates by designing, building and walking across their own self-standing Burma bridge.
Key Benefits: Team Co-ordination, Building Trust, Team Support, Role Allocation, Overcoming Fears and Goal Orientation

Chariot Challenge
Experience the medieval ages. Design your own chariot and build it from scratch; one that looks great, can stand the test of endurance and race to the finish royally!
Key Benefits: Competition, Creativity, Working Together, Time management and Competition

Egg – Spurt
Teams will improvise using simple everyday materials to create a device that can house an egg and transport it in perfect condition even when dropped from a height.
Key Benefits: Innovation, Prototyping and Presentation

Final Countdown
A creative challenge based on the Rube Goldberg effect where teams create a time machine that can measure time accurately and also bring out the best of innovation.
Key Benefits: Competition, Collaboration, Innovation, Project Management, Precision and Sense of achievement

Flam – Buoyant Race
Teams cool off in the pool through one of the most exciting ‘build your own boat’ challenges. Designing the boat, gathering building material and battling it in the pool – It’s all in the game.
Key Benefits: Achieving the impossible, Surpassing expectations, Project Management, Innovation, Sound Leadership and Strategy

Flintstone Formula 1 Racing
Its time to own your Flintstone Car – Build it, brand it and race it. A unique race of human powered cars in formula racing style with an interesting twist to it.
Key Benefits: Competition, Creativity, Planning, Working Together and Goal orientation

Hot Pursuit
A high energy Treasure hunt based activity where teams set off to crack puzzles and earn clues in a quest to find their perfect partners to achieve success.
Key Benefits: Collaboration, Building Trust, Resourcefulness, First Mover Advantage and Mental Agility

Let it Roll
Teams design and construct a free-standing roller coaster for marbles using simple daily use materials, where team work and creativity will determine how much complicated and fun your roller coaster will be!
Key Benefits: Creativity, Role allocation, Collaboration, Facing Challenges, Precision and High Performance

Lights, Camera, Action!
Create your own Celluloid masterpiece by tapping into team creativity and humour! Your own plot, your own dialogues, your own locations, your own cameramen, actors and crew – You might just end up with your own Oscar award!
Key Benefits: Creativity, Role Allocation, Visualisation and Messaging

Mine Field
A highly popular and impactful activity that will get your teams focussed on processes and reworking on them for better results.
Key Benefits: Process Orientation, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Persistence and Sense of achievement

Mission (Im)Possible
The adventure involves a set of visual hunts, mental and physical challenges where your teams will compete to turn Mission Impossible into Mission Team Possible.
Key Benefits: Team Coordination, Strategy, Out of the box Thinking and Positive Drive

Race in Amazing Style
Paint the town red and complete a set of amazing challenges on your way to the final destination – a great way to explore the culture, art, cuisine, heritage and more of the city you are visiting.
Key Benefits: Resourcefulness, First Mover Advantage, Exploring the Unknown and High Performance

Rapid Fire
The real life version of the popular mobile game Angry Birds, where teams build their own machines to launch missiles at the pigs in the barn.
Key Benefits: Team bonding, Innovation, Goal Orientation and Competition

Rickshaw Challenge
Bring to life the famous hand pulled Rickshaws of Kolkata. Build it, brand it, race it – a rickshaw that looks great and can compete in the ultimate test of speed and control!
Key Benefits: Team work, Creativity, Project Management, Competition and Time Management

Tribal War
Teams transform into tribes as they face off with each other in a series of challenges of the Mind and Might. Dressed to impress, tribes compete in native sporty challenges and celebrate the Tribal spirit.
Key Benefits: High Energy, Team Motivation, Team Cohesion and Exploring Identity

What a wonder
Teams set out to challenge their limits when they build one of the seven wonder’s of the world – a symbol of man’s ability to overcome the odds and create a magnificent structure that could stand the test of time.
Key Benefits: Collaboration, One Team, Understanding the Bigger Picture and Cross Functional Cooperation

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