Competency Mapping

“It’s about having the right people with the right abilities in the right place at the right time. “
~ Unknown

Competency mapping is a technique that involves identifying skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviour that are required to operate efficiently in a particular role. The process consists of breaking a job into its most basic constituents, i.e. managerial, technical, conceptual, and attitude needed to perform the same successfully. Competencies are the proverbial holy grail of talent management and it is essential to develop well defined competency maps to have a robust performance management system. It helps clearly define expectations from the individuals and the role they are in.

Our well created competency maps can prove to be a very useful and practical tool to help guide your organization in finding the best suited candidate for a specific role, making a promotion decision, succession planning, developmental plans through competency based trainings and more. Inspired from the BARS model, our innovative approach focuses on detailed understanding of the job and its activities from the individual and other relevant stakeholders to make the competency maps more comprehensive and reliable, while being easy to understand. Our method encourages agreement of all the participants towards the final set of competencies.


Performance Management System

“What gets measured, gets managed.”
~ Peter F Drucker

Performance management is one of the key areas where organizations often struggle. However in a well-planned performance management process, where managers and employees recognise the value of the process to themselves and the organisation, these challenges can be overcome.

If you are seeking assistance to transform your existing performance management system into a robust one, or If you are a start up and have reached a point where you are looking to establish clearly defined roles and responsibilities, aligned to your company’s vision and strategic goals with a view to assigning accountability, measuring individual contributions and reward concerted efforts, you have reached the right choice of partner to help you design and implement your Performance Management System.

The processes we recommend work as a year-long process, not just a year-end process to ensure effectiveness and yield results for your business. Our systems are unique in that it does not just focus on setting performance goals or outcome goals, but rather incorporates both, the quantitative as well as qualitative aspects of performance. Through these we aim to not only increase performance in your organisation, but also foster employee development and motivate your work force.

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