Virtual Team Building for Remote Teams

Bucket List Challenge

An excellent activity that presents each participant the opportunity to ponder over the things they have always wanted to do or experience within their lifetime. Provides a sense of purpose and makes team members feel like you care about them.
Key Benefits : Breaking barriers, Building camaraderie, Finding purpose and Fun
Duration : 45 – 60 mins
Group size : 20 pax – 200 pax

Corporate Bingo

Bingo! You guessed it right – The all time favorite classic version of the popular and irresistible ‘Bingo’ (Housie / Tambola) game, with three interesting variations to choose from. All eyes down!
Key Benefits : Alertness, Learning Agility, Bonding and Fun
Duration : 90 – 120 mins (Customizable)
Group size : Any

Junk Percussion

Our Junk Percussion Jam is that fulfilling rhythmic experience where you get to create music with all kinds of items lying around at your house. Jam with your family, team members and just about anybody.
Key Benefits : Ice breaking, Being in synch, Unified Team, Bonding and Fun
Duration : 45 – 60 mins
Group size : Any

Matcher of Fact

The activity sparks a lively conversation around a baffling and revealing quiz that revolves around colleagues and bizarre facts of their lives. Be ready for the loads of laughter that will follow.
Key Benefits : Breaking barriers, Building camaraderie, Ability to correlate and Fun
Duration : 90 – 100 mins
Group size : 20 pax to 50 pax

Paper Sculpting

The age old art and craft of paper folding and paper cutting from Japan never felt so exciting and thrilling before! Our workshop introduces to you Origami and Kirigami in a fun and engaging way. Create artistic pieces to adorn your walls and home / work spaces that bring a positive vibe!
Key Benefits :Up-cycling, Creativity and Fun
Duration : 60 – 90 mins (Customizable)
Group size : Any

Picture Download

A funny and colourful art based game that is inspired by the age old game – Chinese whispers. Get your crayons ready to create your masterpieces and experience some good laughs!
Key Benefits : Precise Communication, Comprehension skills, Giving instructions, Attention to detail, Bonding and Fun
Duration : 30 – 45 mins (Customizable)
Group size : Any

Puppet Factory

Yelohat presents an ancient form of theatre from ancient Greece that deeply intrigues and captivates people even today – Puppetry. Together let’s create a variety of puppets that differ in size, shape, complexity, usage and building materials. Finger puppets, sock puppets, paper bag puppets, and many more fun ideas!
Key Benefits : Up-cycling, Creativity and Fun
Duration : 60 – 90 mins (Customizable)
Group size : Any

Scavenger Trail

Experience a unique virtual scavenging adventure – where your team will rummage through seemingly mundane things around themselves and discover a trail of clues within their minds to win this challenge.
Key Benefits : High energy, Resourcefulness, Thinking out of the Box, Quick thinking, Passion and Team bonding
Duration : 30 – 60 mins (Customizable)
Group size : Any

Show and Tell

Its time for the spotlight! Team members share their proud special moments with the team by showing and talking about something they own or some activity they indulge in or even something that’s intangible.
Key Benefits : Breaking barriers, Building trust and respect, Team bonding and Fun
Duration : 60 mins (Customizable)
Group size : 20 pax – 50 pax

Survival of the fittest

An innovative sit-down activity that challenges the mind and explores behavioral aspects of individuals through a situational analysis, while focusing on surviving and moving ahead towards success.
Key Benefits : Team Consensus, Open Communication, Decision Making, Conviction, Inclusiveness, Leadership and Influence
Duration : 120 mins
Group size : Any


An activity that makes you work with seven boards of skill – A mind boggling puzzle which has its roots in the Chinese history. Facilitator plays the 20 questions game leading to funny moments and strange outputs.
Key Benefits : Effective Communication, Listening skills, Comprehension skills, Creativity and Customer Focus
Duration : 45 – 60 mins (Customizable)
Group size : 15 to 100 pax

Whodunit ?

A mind boggling crime scene investigation where teams must analyse, crack codes, find the missing pieces and solve the murder mystery with time ticking away fast.
Key Benefits : Team consensus, Attention to detail, Strategy, Time management and Task orientation
Duration : 60 – 75 mins
Group size : 15 pax to 90 pax

Win-Win Pictionary

An activity that lets you rekindle the artist within you while tickling your imagination. Experience our version of Virtual Pictionary that has a win-win twist and create everlasting fun moments with your team.
Key Benefits : Alertness, Mental Agility, Bonding and Fun
Duration : 45 – 60 mins (Customizable)
Group size : 15 pax – 50 pax

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