Short Team Building Activities

Acid River
A challenging team activity that drives you to achieve your goal through Team Coordination, Ideation and Problem Solving.

Air Locked
The ultimate activity when it comes to Team Coordination and One Team Spirit, where the entire team moves as one cohesive unit to win against challengers.

Amoeba Transfer
A powerful activity that helps you Overcome Obstacles and steers you ahead through Sound Leadership, a Clear Focus and well Coordinated Team efforts.

Five Rupee Challenge
A unique table-top horizontal construction challenge that tests your skills on Problem Solving, Thinking out of the box, Persistence and Go Getter attitude.

Human Knot
As the name suggests, humans get knotted up quite literally and try to un-knot themselves from this knotty situation by putting to use their Problem Solving, Analytical and Leadership abilities.

Jumping Jack
One of the most contagiously fun group exercises that is guaranteed to warm your group up and have them in fits of laughter while testing their Alertness and Presence.

Magic Carpet
A seemingly impossible task where teams use their Problem Solving, Analytical and Coordination skills to successfully crack the challenge of overturning their carpet while still riding on it.

Picnic Menu
An activity that guarantees loads of fun and laughs as your group warms up and prepares an impromptu Picnic Menu, with each unfolding item on the list being a surprise.

Rain Storm
For teams who believe that they can achieve the impossible, this activity has a WOW moment when your group actually ends up creating rain fall with the help of only their body parts.

Scavenger Trail
Treasure hunts have always been exciting. Now experience a hunt with a difference – where your team will rummage through things around themselves to win this challenge of Resourcefulness, Thinking out of the Box and Moving with Speed.

The 7’s Challenge
One of the most fun ‘maths based’ group exercises that guarantees you loads of laughter and back to basics in mathematics, and challenges your Alertness, Presence and Listening Skills.

A highly impressionable activity where your group forms triangles, and demonstrates how people can take Initiative and Collaborate when solving relatively complicated tasks even in the absence of a set of clear rules or a leader.

Trust Walk
The activity puts your team in a situation where they have restricted mediums of communications and their only ticket to victory is finding ways to Communicate and Build Trust to complete their team journey.

Who’s Line is it Anyway
A hilarious activity where your team must match up to the line provided, it is guaranteed to lift the mood of your group and inject energy into them, and requires Attention, Listening Skills and Quick Responses.

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