Indoor Team Building Activities

Our very popular art-based round-up activity where teams articulate their takeaways using the powerful medium of art and colour, culminating in a show-off of their creations by walking down the ramp.
Key Benefits: Creativity, Reflection and Messaging

Balloon Sculpture
A super engaging activity where teams get hands on using the best of their creative streak to create three dimensional structures using only a theme and a whole lot of balloons, while also completing some fun team challenges on the side.
Key Benefits: Team Bonding, Creativity and Resource Utilisation

A highly engaging activity that gets your teams to create their own fashion line, jingle and walk down the ramp to get in the news.
Key Benefits: Team Bonding, Creativity, Team Consensus and Role Allocation

Corporate DJ
A unique and first hand chance for your teams to play the DJ, this interactive team challenge motivates your team to bring out the best of creativity and messaging through this musical competition that reflects the company vision, values and culture.
Key Benefits: Team Work, Bonding, Out of the box thinking, Team Motivation and Messaging

Drum Circle
Our Drum Circles encourage you to have a voice and the freedom of expression through song and music. A group of people led by a facilitator, come together in a circle to drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments.
Key Benefits: Concentration, Team work, Harmony, Passion and Dedication

Human Billboard
The modern style of Facebook updates and interactions meets the old classic style of Human Billboard, with interesting and unexpected twists punched in.
Key Benefits: Creativity, Networking and Breaking the Ice

Juicy Punch
Juice up your team event by creating a Juicy Punch that has the perfect blend. Just as the right bend of people can do wonders for the success of your organisation – getting along together, creating ideas and delivering on projects.
Key Benefits: Networking, Negotiation, Communication, Managing Change, Project Planning, Customer Service and Cross Functional Cooperation

Linked – In
Teams get down to design, construct and brand their bridge, with each team putting in their effort towards being seamlessly linked in with other teams in the true sense. The activity culminates with the bridge being put through the ultimate test of strength and stability.
Key Benefits: Creativity, Customer Focus, Effective Communication, Cross Functional Collaboration, Resource Utilisation and Goal Orientation

Lip Service
A refreshingly unique and creative challenge that provides your team the opportunity to probe and portray work and workplace related issues in a fun and hilarious manner using a movie clip that has missing elements.
Key Benefits: Creativity, Team work, Bonding, Team Motivation and Messaging

Marshmallow Challenge
A tricky challenge that gets your teams doing the balancing act when creating the tallest structure using marshmallows, spaghetti sticks and following a clear set of specifications.
Key Benefits: Planning and Strategising, Thinking out of the box, Designing Customised Solutions and Prototyping

A collaborative and artful form of team engagement that has every member getting down hands on with paints and creative imagination, with a surprise reveal as grand finale!
Key Benefits: Shared Experiences, Big Picture Perspective, Cross Functional Collaboration, Visualising the Future, Individual Contributions and Winning Together

Masterchef Challenge
Teams that cook together, stay together. Believe it or not, but the activity gets your teams bonding together like never before. With many themes to explore and many prizes to be won, its a delicious treat awaiting your teams.
Key Benefits: Team bonding, Creativity, Presentation skills and Resource Utilisation

Mysterious Tower
A powerful table-top activity, that uses building blocks and a complex set of constraints, and focusses on interdependencies and transparency at work in order to progress and achieve intended results.
Key Benefits: Individual Ownership and its bearing on End result, Cross Functional Collaboration,Transparency in Communication, Conflict Resolution, Big Picture perspective

Quiz Bingo
Bingo! You guessed it right – The all time favourite classic Bingo, better known as ‘Housie’, is here to test your knowledge in a never before experienced way. All eyes down!
Key Benefits: Alertness, Learning Agility and Fun way of knowing your company

Risky Business
Teams must complete a variety of tasks within a given time frame to maximise their earnings.Before this, they must plan and bid for each task with the right strategy and execution abilities so as to emerge winners.
Key Benefits: Risk Vs Rewards, Prioritisation, Task and Delegation, Innovation, Problem Solving and Resourcefulness

Samba Beats
A variation of the drum circle, where each participant is given a musical instrument and is trained in a group to play it. Synchronising their music with other groups, the activity results in up-tempo Brazilian style Batucada music and dance.
Key Benefits: One Team, Being in Synch and Team Motivation

Shaky pyramid
The ultimate test of Team Coordination, Steadiness, Patience, Persistence and Goal orientation where your team will create a pyramid out of cups without touching it.
Key Benefits: Team co-ordination, Patience, Collaboration, Persistence, Communication, Ownership, Goal orientation

Using seven intriguing pieces of a puzzle, the activity recreates various encounters between a Customer and Service provider that leads to fun moments and strange outputs.
Key Benefits: Effective Communication, Listening skills, Expectation Management and Customer Focus

Trade Fair
A business simulation that enables teams to interact with each other to negotiate so that they can achieve the best business outcomes in a changing and dynamic environment.
Key Benefits: Networking, Negotiations, Strategic Planning and Problem Solving

A mind boggling crime scene investigation where teams must analyse, crack codes, find the missing pieces and solve the murder mystery with time ticking away fast.
Key Benefits: Team consensus, Attention to detail, Strategy, Time management and Task orientation

Wilderness Survival
An innovative sit-down activity that challenges the mind and explores behavioural aspects of individuals through a situational analysis, while focussing on surviving and moving ahead towards success.
Key Benefits: Team Consensus, Open Communication, Decision Making, Conviction, Inclusiveness and Influence

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