Team Building Activities in Bangalore

Did you know these interesting facts about the city?

  • Bangalore has the highest growth rate for any city in a span of 20 years
  • Bangalore is not only the IT capital of the country but also the fashion capital of the East. It has as many fashion companies as Paris, if not more
  • Former UK prime minister Winston Churchill owes Rs.13 as part of unpaid bills at the Bangalore club that was started in 1868 by a group of British officers

Bangalore, with its beautiful weather, is another popular Team building destination all year round. Our Bangalore based clients range from IT, BPO to Telecom, Healthcare, Safety Science and more.

While team building in Bangalore is very popular, the city also provides the locational advantage of being close to many scenic weekend getaways that are just a few hours of travel by road. Among various destinations where we have conducted outbound corporate team building programs, some great choices are:

  1. Mysore
  2. Ooty
  3. Chikmagalur
  4. Coorg
  5. Bekal
  6. Gokarna

Outdoor Team building Locations in Bangalore

Here are our Top Five Outdoor Team building activities in Bangalore and nearby places:

  1.  Final Countdown
  2. Rickshaw Challenge
  3. Lights, Camera, Action!
  4. Hot Pursuit
  5. Building Bridges

Apart from these, the most popular Indoor Team building activities have been:

  1. Masterchef Challenge
  2. Drum Circle
  3. Linked-In

You could explore some well-maintained properties where we have conducted indoor and outdoor team building activities in Bangalore during Conferences and Team Outbounds, such as:

  1. Golden Palms
  2. Angsana
  3. Zuri
  4. Crowne Plaza
  5. Manipal County
  6. Olde Bangalore
  7. Eagleton
  8. Windflower Prakruthi and
  9. Confident Amoon, to name a few.

If you are looking to plan an event, do call the Team building experts at 833 899 2117 to help you in selecting the right venue, organizing your travel & stay, and planning some memorable team building experiences for your next Corporate team outbound in Bangalore!

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