Measuring ROI of team building activities # case 2


One of my earlier blogs has a mention of ‘deciding what you want to do’ for a Team Building event. Taking your team out for a company picnic or a team lunch & beer or even spending the day playing popular sports together could be fun, but that alone in all likelihood wouldn’t translate into measurable results.

Defining two things – the situation that a team is facing and a measurable goal – is the most important step that will help in designing the right Team Building event and measuring its ROI after delivery. I have shared one such account earlier. Here’s another interesting one.

One of our clients in the manufacturing industry was losing a substantial amount of money due to errors in daily operations and delays in tasks being completed. More so, they were unable to achieve their production targets for over six months now. While holding discussions on this issue with key stakeholders and functional heads of the unit, we found that the crux of it lies in better communication – timely, transparent and complete communication.

Our intervention of Team Building activities with this group consisted of multiple exercises that addressed precisely these areas of concern. Because of the non-threatening and highly engaging methodology of the program, the message was well received by team members with impactful realisations.

What followed was team members communicating more often at work, seeking clarifications as well as superiors encouraging questions and sharing information more openly. Not only did this translate into better business results, it hugely boosted the team morale and camaraderie among team members.

The manufacturing unit saw a southward trend in money losses as errors were minimised and there were practically no more delays in completion of tasks.

A well planned and executed Team Building program can provide you the much desired results and ROI you are looking for. So make sure you choose only the Team Building experts as your event partner.

Posted by Anuradha Prusty on 14th June 2017

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