Measuring ROI of team building activities # case 1


Planning and Organising a quality Team Building event requires significantly more time, effort and expense than any traditional classroom method of training. The question that arises therefore is – How does one know that these events are worth the time, effort and expense invested in them?

Here’s the good news. The fact that most successful companies frequently engage in team building activities demonstrates clearly that the ROI from these programs definitely justifies the expense of such events. There are ways to track the results of these events and calculate the ROI in clear terms. Here’s one such account.

“We had an IT client consult us as their employees were facing issues with vehicular safety and the rate of related accidents were much higher than the acceptable norm. This was their India Vehicle Safety Team, and we conducted a Team Building program for their members that incorporated the theme of Safety. The takeaways from the Team Building activities included awareness of safety rules and procedures, importance of adhering to these, and action plan to reduce rate of related accidents.”

Post event, the client tracked the number of related accidents closely. There was not only a remarkable decrease in the number of accidents but also in the number of incidents, which translated into direct savings in expenses for the organisation as well as individuals.

A well planned and executed Team Building program can provide you the much desired results and ROI you are looking for. So make sure you choose only the Team Building experts as your event partner.

Posted by Anuradha Prusty on 18th April 2017

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