Maximising Participation in Team Building Activities


A TEAM is really when ‘Together Each Achieves More’. This means that your Team Building event is successful only when Each and Every team member participates. At Yelohat, we focus on achieving 100% engagement and involvement of your team. Here’s a great recipe for Team Building events that involve every single team member despite any physical or mental challenges.

1. Make Employees Feel Important

One way to encourage full participation in a Team Building event is to begin with an icebreaker activity that requires each individual to do something specific while being part of the larger group, so that each one feels important. This should be something as simple as clapping or jumping or saying out names or numbers (woven into an activity theme), which poses a challenge to none. An activity that allows people to show results through what they can easily do will give them a certain sense of empowerment and self-worth.

2. Create Variety to Spice up the Event

‘Variety is the spice of Life’; and in this case the ‘Event’. You are sure to elicit participation from all members by offering a diversity of Team Building activities that pose varied challenges in a Team Building event. Not everyone has the same interests or abilities; thus, finding one activity that will work for everyone is seldom possible. Incorporating a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities; physically active and sit down activities; and sporty and creative crafty activities could do wonders! Of course, while planning this you will have to keep in mind if the purpose of Team Building is to make them feel comfortable or pull them out of their comfort zone.

3. Reward Their Achievements

Competition is known to bring out the best in individuals and teams. Ensuring a competitive element in the Team Building activities will ensure your employees remain enthusiastic and completely involved. But don’t stop at that. Efforts must be rewarded; so keep handy a lot of prizes for each individual of the winning team and maybe you can even have a trophy ceremony!

4. Involve Employees to Plan the Event

You can begin the team building even before the Team Building event actually takes place by encouraging employees to write down their ideas and preferences of what they would want to do at such an event. Being asked for their opinion will make them feel significant and also make the decision making process far easier.

Posted by Anuradha Prusty on 18th July 2017

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