Engaging Employees from Day One


The first day at a new job is abuzz with excitement, however it could be equally stressful for new hires; and employers can do great by playing their part well in welcoming the new hires. Making a good impression is important both ways and laying the foundation for a mutually rewarding relationship begins from day one of an employee’s journey.

Day One provides the golden opportunity to introduce your organization’s culture, values and work environment to a completely open and receptive mind. Integrating new hires into your team is a very sensitive and mission-critical event for your business. After all the new hire is now an important stakeholder and brand ambassador of your business.

Here are eight tips that could help in success with a smooth integration of new hires.

1. Come up with an on-boarding checklist for now hires that not only has a detailed agenda for the first day and week, but also all the logistical requirements. It lays down clear expectations, ensures consistency and preparedness for next time.

2. Keep the schedule and content light with ample breaks so that new hires don’t exhaust their capacity for absorbing new information.

3. Have someone take new hires around to meet as many people as possible during the first few days, including people they might not work with directly. This leaves no strangers at work.

4. Pair up new employees with buddies outside of their department to help them get a feel of your culture and include them in things happening around the office.

5. Make the new employee introduction e-mails more interesting by including photos, fun facts and personal interests that can serve as icebreakers.

6. Create a neighbourhood guide for your office location. This small gesture can show huge consideration for people’s lives apart from the work.

7. Senior management must show how they value employees by spending time with newcomers away from their desks, say at lunch or coffee breaks that are ‘not hurried’.

8. Most importantly, arrange for Team Building activities as part of your induction process. It helps in breaking the ice; building camaraderie and trust; and imparting valuable business messages in a non-threatening and engaging manner.

Your best chance at engaging an employee is on their very first day, so make the most of it by giving your new hire your time, interest and investment.

Posted by Anuradha Prusty on 21st February 2017

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