10 Behaviours of Trusted Leadership


So what is trust? Let’s see…

“The belief or assured reliance on the Character, Ability, Strength or Truth of someone or something.”

Or maybe…

“The degree of confidence born of the Character and Competence of a person or an Organization.”

One thing is for sure – Its easier to feel trust (or the lack of it) than to define it. There’s nothing as fast as the speed of trust. Building trust is a journey, not a destination. Trusted Leadership has four core elements:

  1. Trusted Leaders have Integrity
  2. They have a clear, caring and constructive Intent
  3. Their Capabilities have been proved time and again
  4. They fulfil their commitments and achieve Results

This translates into 10 key behaviours that you will easily observe in Trusted Leaders. They always…

  1. Talk straight, not necessarily smooth
  2. Extend respect and trust towards others
  3. Are transparent in their words and deeds, leaving no room for assumptions
  4. Right the wrongs and constantly seek to get better, setting an example for others
  5. Keep their commitments and deliver results
  6. Listen first and with genuine interest
  7. Display loyalty, rarely seeking credit for self at others’ expense
  8. Confront reality, never shying away from sticky situations
  9. Set clear expectations and demonstrate confidence
  10. Practice accountability just as they expect it from you

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Posted by Anuradha Prusty on 21st January 2018

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